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L. Van Maldergem, MD, PhD

S. S. Bhatt, PhD
Directory Manager


A rapid increase in the number of genetic diseases open to DNA based diagnostic testing has given rise to the need for a comprehensive directory of European laboratories and a listing of the services they can offer. In 1995 national coordinators were identified in fourteen EU countries as well as Norway and Switzerland with the aim of collecting standardized data for a Europe-wide directory. Efforts were made to identify, describe and list the diagnostic services offered by laboratories throughout these sixteen countries. This culminated in the creation of the on-line European Directory of DNA Diagnostic Laboratories (EDDNAL).

The European Directory of DNA Diagnostic Laboratories (EDDNAL) is a non-profit directory supported mainly by funding from the European Commission, which is specifically intended for use by physicians, researchers and other medical genetics health professionals. The information contained in EDDNAL is published as an online clinical* resource. It provides standardized information on molecular diagnostic services for heritable syndromes and disorders offered by laboratories throughout fourteen EU countries** as well as Norway, Poland, and Switzerland.

* A clinical test result is relevant to clinical practice. The delay for providing the result for ongoing analysis and the proficiency of a laboratory is such that it can be used for diagnostic purposes. This is not the same as a research test.

** Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom